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About Us

Bloom Learning Centre’s approach to early childhood education is to nurture each child in a secure, cherishing and invigorating environment, allowing them to develop the skills to flourish and grow as a happy and productive individual meeting their full potential.

Our completely renovated facilities, centrally located on Seven Mile Beach, offer small, intimate classes where each child receives personal and individually tailored care in a rich and rewarding learning environment.

The Bloom Learning Centre

Early childhood education is vital in the preparation for elementary school. At this stage in their development it is critical to provide children with teachers and educators who are dedicated to their safety and well-being. This, coupled with the best teaching practices, will prepare the ground for your child to grow into a well-adjusted individual ready for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

Here at the Bloom Learning Centre, we promote constructive, activity-based learning with the focus on a developmentally appropriate academic curriculum. Our emphasis is on providing a solid educational foundation through fun activities with an emphasis on cognitive development that enhances language and literacy, social skills and creativity.

Health, safety and security of the children in our care is of paramount importance. To this end, we have comprehensive policies to ensure the protection and welfare of everyone using the Centre.

Bloom Learning Centre has invested heavily in new equipment of a high international standard to develop the premier playschool in the Seven Mile Beach area. We enjoy one of the best indoor activities areas of any preschool in the Cayman Islands, with a large play area equipped with slides, toys and activities, as well as a secure and sheltered outdoor area where children can enjoy being outdoors in complete safety.

Bloom has a highly developed ethos in which your child is nurtured in a secure, cherishing and invigorating environment and given the skills to flourish and grow. Our fully renovated facilities, centrally located on Seven Mile Beach, offer small, intimate classes where each child receives personal and individually tailored care. As well as providing a rich and rewarding learning environment.

A Stimulating and Nurturing Environment

Our facility is designed and functions around the needs of children to be children. Your child will thrive in this child-centered environment, surrounded by other children in a learning atmosphere of socialization and play. At Bloom Learning Centre they will learn the fundamentals that will prepare them for elementary school, all the while supported by caring, nurturing teachers and educators whose primary goal is to see your child grow and succeed.

Enthusiastic and Experienced Teachers

Standards at Bloom Learning Centre are the very highest. All our dedicated teachers are professionally qualified and are supported by teaching assistants that are experienced, highly trained, enthusiastic about teaching and provide a rich and highly interactive learning environment.

Enrolling your child at Bloom Learning Centre marks the beginning of a learning adventure that will give them the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to reach their full potential in later life. We encourage you to visit our facility to see what early childhood educational advantages we can offer. We understand that you want to make the right decisions regarding your child's education and future, and we are keen to help. Feel free to contact us with questions or to arrange a tour.


Healthy Learning Environment

Bloom Learning Centre’s classrooms operate in an atmosphere designed to encourage every child's inquisitiveness in a healthy learning environment. Classrooms are brightly decorated, spacious and well equipped, with multiple unique learning stations that encourage development, social interaction, individual exploration and creative skills. Our high ratio of teachers to students and unique classroom setup offers a stimulating, secure, and intimate environment for children to learn.

Fresh and Clean

Cleanliness is taken very seriously at Bloom Learning Centre and we take every precaution to ensure a clean and healthy environment for children. Classrooms are sanitized to a higher standard than licensing requirements, further reducing the risk of infection and spreading of germs. Children are encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and being taught about health and hygiene, including respiratory etiquette. All spaces in the Centre and the objects that children come in contact with are regularly disinfected.


Safe and Secure Environment

We take every effort to ensure the safety of your child. Safety and security policy is stringent and procedures are strictly enforced. Some highlights include:

Security: While we promote an ‘open door’ policy, our main doors are locked for security once class begins and are reopened fifteen minutes prior to pick up. We welcome visitors to visit the school during class time, but you must use the doorbell to gain entrance.

Visitor Precautions:  Only authorized persons may pick up a child; anyone unfamiliar to our staff will be asked to provide identification. See our Parent Handbook for more details.

Emergencies: We adhere to all Health Department, Fire Marshall, and education regulations. We hold regular fire drills and, working closely with local safety agencies, have devised emergency plans that cover all major contingencies.

Qualifications: Our teachers and assistants have extensive experience in the field of early childhood development. They are also trained in first aid / CPR. In addition, we conduct stringent background checks to ensure the high quality of our teachers, assistants and volunteers. 

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