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Philosophy & Mission

Our Philosophy

Bloom Learning Center offers an emergent curriculum informed by current knowledge from the Science of Child Development, educational and cognitive psychology, and neuroscience.

Our teaching and learning practices borrow from a diverse portfolio of pedagogy including aspects of Reggio Emilia, Montessori, and High Scope. This ecclectic blend constructs relevant, effective, and exciting learning environments and experiences which are embedded in a pedagogy of play and structured around learning through themes.

We believe that learning occurs in the freedom to encounter something and is the consequence of exploration driven by curiosity. We view learning as an active, ongoing and non-linear process which arises from multiple dimensions and directions of a child's being, intellect and emotion. Bloom's approach implements practices towards fostering holistic development of children, which is essential for building a foundation for lifelong learning, academic achievement and personal fulfillment.  

Central to Bloom's processes is a commitment to building an environment of relationships, from which children’s learning is promoted through meaningful and secure relationships with caring adults. We view children as dynamic, intrinsically-motivated, and capable little learners and strive to keep their natural desire to learn activated by nourishing their innate curiosity, enabling them to explore their own potentiality; and empowering them to actively direct their learning. 

We apply a thematic-based learning through an inquiry-based approach, by which children are invited to explore a range of interests within a topic. Play-based activities are offered as learning invitations to mobilize children's intrinsic investigative nature and allow them to explore their world in context-based and meaningful ways. Topics of interest within a long-range plan that are expressed by the learning group act as a catalyst for investigation. This approach to teaching and learning is realized through skilled observation from interested, playful and caring educators, who act as co-learners as they respond to individual and group inquiries. The Learning Outcomes of the Early Years Curriculum Framework of the Cayman Islands are embedded into thoughtfully-prepared activities and integrated teaching methods.

A fundamental aspect of our educational practices is providing a carefully prepared, enriching, environment to invite self-initiated, playful learning experiences within predetermined topics of each theme. Children are supported to their unique needs as they navigate a learning environment filled with wonder, delight, and choice. We promote an inclusive educational community and appreciate the range of developmental growth during children’s first years. We celebrate children's proclivity to lead their own learning and tailor each learning journey to their wonderful individuality. 

Our practices focus on developing the competencies relevant for our students to understand the world around them and the talents within them through meaningful experiences. We aim to provide children the foundational experiences to develop their capacities toward being confident, resilient, self-motivated, compassionate, skilled, productive citizens.

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