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Parents Info

We believe that children should be given time, appropriate materials, and engage in meaningful  interactions to develop, both intellectually and emotionally.

Our Philosophy is that each child is a unique individual to be cherished, loved and respected. We believe that children learn best in a supportive, caring, home-like environment, where they are encouraged by nurturing adults who observe and learn beside them.

Our Mission is to provide all children in our care with a safe and friendly environment that serves as their secondary home. We strive to encourage them to discover their individual strengths and unique talents with their peers, their parent and teachers. Bloom Learning Centre ensures that children will learn and grow in a nurturing and fun environment, setting the foundation for a lifelong love of education and success in school and life.

Our Goal is to care, guide and teach children as they grow and discover their own personalities and capabilities. Bloom nurtures their cognitive skills, their social, emotional and physical development, as well as developing and encouraging their language and creative skills development.

Bloom Learning Centre care for children 6 weeks to 5 years of age.

Centre is open Monday to Friday 7:30AM to 5:30PM

Saturday 8.00AM to 4.00PM

Enrollment is on a first come, first served basis. A child is considered enrolled when the registration fee is received, availability is confirmed, and required paperwork is received, including basic enrollment and health information. In addition, families new to our program must pay their first-month tuition payment to accept their space in our program.

A medical statement and immunization record signed by a physician or nurse practitioner is required to be submitted within 30 days of admission and must be updated every 13 months. Children who are enrolled at Bloom Learning Centre must be fully immunized or on a modified immunization schedule.

Classes are offered for children from age 6 weeks to 5 years.

Upon completing a walk-through tour of Bloom Learning Centre, the supervisor or tour designate will inform you of  the next available date of care or whether the start date you have requested is available. Should the start date you requested not be available due to full registrations and you are looking for full-time care, you may choose to be placed on a wait list, with no deposit required. Bloom Learning Centre’s wait list does NOT secure a spot for your child(ren). By filling out a wait list form, you understand and acknowledge that you are being placed on a wait list with no secure or guaranteed start date. Bloom Learning Centre will contact you in the order in which your wait list form was submitted to the office and present to you the first date of care that becomes available. In the case an in-house family or staff is in need of a spot they may receive priority over new families. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds apply to people with exceptional cases based on administrator’s discretion.

When an opening becomes available, parents will be contacted in the order in which their wait list form was submitted, and the first available date of care will be offered. Should Bloom Learning Centre not be able to reach you within 24 hours, your spot will be forfeited, and you will be placed at the end of the wait list. A completed registration form will secure the childcare spot offered to you. The registration form and registration fee are required within 24 hours of contact to secure the available spot. Failure to bring registration form and registration fee within this timeframe will result in the forfeit of the available childcare spot and you will be placed at the end of the wait list.

Should you decide that you do not want the next available date of care that is offered to you, Bloom Learning Centre will contact the next family on the wait list, thereby forfeiting your spot on the wait list.

A record of the wait list will be kept in the office. Parents who wish to know their position on the wait list are to call the office where the administrator will inform the family verbally of their number in line. Additionally, families who wish to visit the Centre to know their current position on the wait list will be informed verbally by the supervisor or designate what their current position is.

Fee payments include statutory holidays and days your child may be absent due to illness or vacation days. No deduction will be made for any of these days in order to guarantee your spot upon return. There is no break in your childcare fee at any time of the year. Tuition fees are due on the 1st of the month. Tuition payments may be made via cash, check, credit card, bank transfer, or online via our website. Please see additional fees on debit, credit card payments. Any payment received after the 5th will be charged a $50 late fee unless prior arrangements have been made with the admin office. There will be a $50 fee for checks returned for any reason.

Bloom Learning Centre reserves the right to disenroll a student if school policies are not followed by parent or student, or in the event that tuition obligations are not met.

If you choose to change the program of your child, i.e., moving from full-time to part-time enrolment, no guarantee is made that the previous program will be available to you in the future. For example, a student that is reduced to part-time for summer months is not guaranteed a full-time spot in the month of September.

There is a $100 registration fee and $150 Tuition fee deposit for the first child and $75 registration and $125 Tuition Fee Deposit fee per each additional child that is non-refundable to be paid upon registration. All forms as per the enrollment policy must be submitted at least 7 days prior to your child's start date. Failure to do so may result in loss of the start date you have requested.

When bringing your child to the Centre, please ensure their belongings are in the proper designated place. Children must also be signed in and out of their classroom using our Kiosk at the entrance. Children should never be dropped off or left unattended in the building.

Persons not listed on your child’s registration package as authorized pickup will not be able to pick up your child unless we get approval from you via email or in extreme situations, the admin office will call you to confirm identity and then release child upon your request. People not recognized by the staff will be asked for identification. If the pickup person appears intoxicated or unable to assume responsibility for the child, the Centre will offer to call a taxi or help find an alternate pick-up person.

If there are custody issues involved with your child, you must provide Bloom Learning Centre with court papers indicating who has permission to pick up the child. Bloom Learning Centre may not deny a parent access to their child without proper documentation.

Any time your child will be absent or late from the Centre, we ask that you notify us by 9:00 a.m.

Since the focus of our program is active involvement, we recommend that children be dressed comfortably in casual, durable and seasonally appropriate clothing. Children who are not appropriately dressed will not be able to participate in our routine program. We ask that parents bring indoor and outdoor shoes, especially in the rainy/winter months to avoid slips and falls in the classroom. During the summer months, we ask that NO flip flops/open backed footwear is to be worn and advise that all parents provide children with a pair of shoes with a closed backing for the children’s safety.

The children will be playing in the outside, gluing or finger painting and their clothing may accidentally become soiled. We provide smocks, roll up the children’s sleeves and try our best to avoid messes, but sometimes the children are so caught up in the “fun” that their clothes do become soiled. Bloom Learning Centre will not be held responsible for soiled clothing. 

Please label all your child’s clothing including shoes, tops, underwear, mitts, hats, coats, and bags. Laundry markers on the tags work best.

Separation anxiety is a normal behavior and can occur anytime at any age.

Parents can encourage the child’s first school experience by:

  • Telling the child that you are happy that they attend preschool.
  • Telling the child that you are sure they will have fun.
  • Telling the child that you will be back to get them when school is over.
  • Encouraging the child to put his/her belongings in his/her cubby, saying goodbye, and leaving. Prolonging departure raises anxiety in the child because the child may feel the parent is afraid to leave them. Demonstrating trust in teachers.

30 days written notice must be given to Bloom Learning Centre before withdrawing your child. A subsidized child must attend during this notice period to receive coverage. If 30 days’ notice is not provided fees will continue to be charged for the 30-day period after the day notice is received and all outstanding balances must be paid before the child leaves. Movement from full time to part time programs is a withdrawal and requires 30-day notice. Removal before the start of service is a withdrawal and requires 30-day notice.

You may be asked to withdraw your child from Bloom Learning Centre if he/she continually shows signs of aggression, for recurring late payment of fees, for non-payment of fees, for failure to comply with the Parent Code of Conduct or if it is felt that the Centre is not meeting the needs of your child. Bloom Learning Centre reserves the right to terminate its services upon 30 days written notice to parents. If a situation no longer benefits the safety or well-being of the child, other children, staff or the Centre, this may lead us to terminate our service.

The staff at Bloom Learning Centre is a team of professional, caring and loving individuals. Each one of our rooms will have the number of staff as mentioned below.

Infant 6 weeks to 12 months1 staff for every 3 babies
Toddler 12 months to 2 years old1 staff for every 4 children
Early Preschool 2-3 years old1 staff for every 6 children
Preschool 3-5 years old1 staff for every 10-12 children

From time to time with parent consent children will leave the premises of the Bloom Learning Centre to participate in excursions to places of interest, planned as part of the children’s program. This includes walks through the neighborhood and playground. Parents will be notified of field trips in advance. It is understood that supervision will be provided by members of the staff of the Bloom Learning Centre and every precaution will be taken for the safety of the children. In the event of accident or injury, Bloom Learning Centre and all staff members are hereby released from any liability. Before any child participates in a fieldtrip, the preschool will obtain written permission from the parent or guardian.

At Bloom Learning Centre we often have special events at the Centre:

  • Picture Day: once a year. Parents have the option of purchasing a variety of well-priced packages.
  • Community Helpers: Police, doctors, firefighters, nurses, etc.
  • Specialized Children’s Programs: i.e. The Humane Society, Children’s Entertainment, etc.

The following is the visitor policy during the hours of operation at Bloom Learning Centre. Parents and guardians of children enrolled in our programs are not considered visitors. 

  • All visitors who are to be interacting with children must sign an Offence Declaration form and have identity verified via government issued identification.
  • Visitors attending for a tour of the facility do not need to sign; however, they must remain with the supervisor/designate at all times.
  • Visitors are not to be left alone when in the company of a child who is in Bloom Learning Centre’s care.
  • Inappropriate behavior or language will NOT be tolerated.

Failure to abide by these may rules may result in the visitor being escorted off the premises.

It is the responsibility of each staff member to ensure the safety and well-being of each child in attendance at Bloom Learning Centre. Children must be supervised during all routines such as indoors and outdoors, washroom routines, and any time the children leave or enter the classroom. No child is to be supervised by a person under 18 years of age. Children are not to be left alone under any circumstance at any point in time.

Upon arrival and departure, each child’s attendance must be recorded on the Kiosk with the accurate times and head counts are done during all transitions. Attendance is to be done immediately upon arrival when the child is released into the care of staff, and when children are released to the parent/guardian/authorized pick-up at departure. The attendance must accompany the staff and children at all times including outdoor time.

It is the responsibility of each staff to ensure that they have an emergency details for each child in their care.

Upon reporting for the start of their shift, each staff must confirm with the staff-on-duty the number of children currently in attendance, and then verify it with the attendance.

Head counts must be done regularly throughout the day, especially when transitioning to/from outdoor play, washroom breaks, emergency procedures (e.g., fire drill), etc.

Part of the registration package is completed prior to the child’s start as the parent consent for rest time and parent authorization /signature for sleeping practices and parents are advised about our sleep supervision policy.

  • Parents will indicate their agreement in the Registration Package for children younger than 12 months to be placed on their backs in the crib and this must be followed.
  • It is recommended that children younger than 12 months be placed on their backs to sleep to lower the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), however; parents may request otherwise with a doctor’s written recommendation and this MUST be documented on the Registration Package prior to the start of care. Parents will indicate in the Registration Package what (if anything) the child is to use during nap (i.e. light blanket, swaddle blanket, sleeping sack, soother) or if the child is to have a reduced, extended or no nap.
  • Parents will be consulted respecting their child’s sleeping arrangements at the time the child is enrolled at Bloom Learning Centre, upon transition to another classroom or upon a parent’s request.
  • It is important to always place children to sleep in the manner in which is outlined in their registration package. Children under 12 months of age who are able to roll from their back to their side or stomach are at a lower risk for SIDS.
  • Infants must sleep in their assigned cribs and at no point in time are infants to be left sleeping in the bouncy chairs, swings or any other place other than the crib. Under no circumstances are pillows, heavy blankets, bottles/sippy cups, stuffed toys and/or crib bumpers to be used in the crib.
  • During daytime and overnight care sleep time, direct visual and physical sleep checks (checking for breathing, increased/decreased breathing sounds, tossing and turning, etc.)
  • Infants/Toddlers – direct visual and physical sleep checks approximately every 20 minutes.
  • Lighting in the sleep room must allow for direct visual monitoring. Lights can be dimmed, but staff must be able to see children clearly.
  • Each child in care will have a crib or a cot labelled with their name with a crib/cot sheet. This label is to be applied to the actual crib in a manner that allows staff and parents to be made aware of whom each crib belongs to. No child is to be put in a crib or on a cot without a clean bedsheet.
  • During daytime, Sleep time will not exceed two (2) hours in our toddler, early preschool or preschool classrooms; Infants may sleep longer during the day as some children in our care are young and require more than one (1) nap throughout the day. Children in these age groups may choose to sleep, rest or engage in quiet activities during sleep time based on their individual needs.
  • Staff make sure they can always see the child’s face while sleeping; blankets and sleep toys must never cover a child’s face.
  • Center staff, students and volunteers will review the Sleep Supervision Policy before the start of their employment/placement/volunteer position.

At Bloom Learning Centre, we strive to give children the best possible care and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s care. We value the feedback we get from our families and welcome any questions, comments or concerns. Our classroom educators, supervisors and administrators are always available to speak with families regarding any concerns and can be reached by phone, email or in person. Parents may also wish to submit a concern or comments through our website (further details on this process is provided below).

Any concerns regarding your child’s care or the operations of Bloom Learning Centre should be brought to the attention of their classroom educator first. If you are unable to discuss the issue directly with your child’s classroom educator for any reason the issue may be directed to the administrator. Every effort will be made to come to a mutually agreeable resolution of an issue or concern as soon as possible. An initial response to the issue or concern will be provided within 2 business days; however, some issues may warrant further investigation and take more time to address fully. In this case, the person who raised the concern will be informed of the resolution status throughout the process. Please note that issues and concerns will be treated confidentially to protect the privacy of all parties involved within the parameters allowed by law.

When an issue is brought to the attention of an educator it is the responsibility of the teacher to:

  • Document the concern in the communication log.
  • Report the concern to the Centre administrator.
  • In consultation with the administrator develop a plan to address or resolve the issue
  • Provide a response to the parent within 2 business days.
  • Document the outcome and steps taken to resolve the issue in the communication log.

Submitting a Complaint Online

Families can also voice their questions, comments or concerns anytime by completing an online form found on our website at www.bloom.ky:

  • Go to “Contact Us” tab
  • You have the option to voice your comments or concerns anonymously or leave your contact information to receive a response.

The person who has the reasonable grounds to suspect that a child is, or may be, in need of protection must make the report directly to a Department of Children and Family Services. The person must not rely on anyone else to report on his or her behalf.

At Bloom Learning Centre we view children as competent and curious individuals who are rich in potential and capable of complex thinking. Bloom Learning Centre teachers and management team provide a variety of classroom materials and learning opportunities with the children’s interests in mind to help guide the children reach their full potential and make educated choices.

We believe that all children have the right to quality care and education in a safe and healthy environment with an emphasis on nutrition for overall wellbeing. As well as children’s safety, we value a healthy environment by ensuring that our Centre and classrooms are clean and free of hazardous materials or equipment which may pose a risk to children. Bloom Learning Centre also is proactive in our attempt to eliminate to the best of our ability illnesses and diseases by practicing and promoting proper hygiene procedures for both our staff and children. Overall, this promotes our core belief that Bloom Learning Centre must promote a healthy, safe, and nutritionally enriched program that oversees the well-being of children in our care.

At Bloom Learning Centre we see families as experts who understand their children and must play an active role in their development. Positive ongoing communication and positive open dialogue between parents, teachers and children is crucial for a child’s continuous learning. Bloom Learning Centre engages with families through an open-door policy allowing parents to join us anytime during the day and be part of our daily program. At the end of a child’s day, parents receive an electronic daily report detailing their child’s day such as meals, sleep time, and activities participated in. To keep parents in the loop about what is going on from time to time a newsletter is sent out.

Our program statement is based on child development principles centering on the concept of interaction and exploration during play as a natural way of learning. As children interact with materials and communicate with their peers, they clarify and expand their understanding of the world. This also encourages children to become responsible, productive, problem solving individuals, capable of independence and self-regulation. We provide child-initiated and adult supported experiences by observing and documenting the children’s interests and expanding their knowledge surrounding what is important to them. Teachers set goals for children that will be met by various developmentally appropriate lesson plans in the classroom. As well as child directed learning, other aspects of the day are also included in the child’s schedule such as indoor and outdoor active play, rest and quiet time with consideration to the individual needs of the children in care.

Bloom Learning Centre’s learning environment creates positive experiences and supports children’s development. Each classroom is set up in such a way that areas such as dramatic, blocks, reading, science and art are defined to create an opportunity for small group learning experiences. These areas are available to children at all times throughout the day to allow for choices and to promote children’s interests. Small grouping allows for more one-on-one support from classroom teachers and allows for children to feel confident in what they are doing.

Overall, Bloom Learning Centre prides itself on helping children reach their full potential and strive to achieve this by supporting the four foundations; belonging, engagement, expression and well-being, to ensure children can grow and flourish in their environment. As a licensed childcare facility, we review our program statement with all center staff, volunteers, and placement students prior to interacting with children, annually and any time the program statement is modified to ensure that everyone understands the expectations of Bloom Learning Centre as well as “How Does Learning Happen?

Throughout the day, there will be times when children have difficulty coping with a situation. Discipline should be:  a. Related to the nature of the troublesome behaviour;

  • Appropriate to the developmental level of the child;
  • Used in a positive and consistent manner and;
  • Designed to assist the child to learn an appropriate behaviour.

The following is a list of positive child guidance practices permitted at Bloom Learning Centre:

  • Direct the child’s attention to the activity or area that is appropriate at that time through clear communication. Staff must foster communication and see children as capable communicators. Under no circumstances should physical measures be used to direct the child.
  • Speak with the child at eye level. Give the child a chance to try again now or later. Be clear, specific, and follow through with consequences set down. Staff will speak with the child in a calm voice giving the child the opportunity to explain his/her motives
  • The staff will be clear to the child in regard to specific natural and logical consequences that are developmentally appropriate
  • Separate the child from the situation by redirecting them and refocusing his/her energy on a quiet activity. The child remains in the classroom as a part of the group at all times
  • When the child has been removed from the activity, give them the opportunity to re-enter the play they were involved in
  • Inform the centre supervisor/designate if all other techniques have been unsuccessful. The centre supervisor will help assist the situation in the room. If necessary, a meeting with parents will take place to discuss alternate behaviour modification
  • Staff is expected to handle all situations in a consistent and professional manner. Providing children with warm, nurturing and supportive care towards children creates a less anxious child who is more motivated to learn and elicit desired behaviours.
  • Staff must interact completely throughout the day with children including meal time, arts and crafts, circle time and outdoor time. Interaction is a key responsibility in a teacher’s job
  • Children should be encouraged to try all food on their plate. A small portion should be served to start so it isn’t overwhelming for them, they can always have more. Staff members will not force a child to eat at any time nor will they refuse children food.
  • Children will be allowed to practice self-care skills such as feeding themselves and helping with food preparation and distribution.
  • Staff must be good role models for children (i.e., staff shouldn’t sit on furniture such as tables, shelves, etc.)

Note: if all these alternate measures do not succeed, Bloom Learning Centre supervisor will write up a letter asking the child’s parents to withdraw him/her from the program.


Bloom Learning Centre staff believes that helping children to learn self-control is very important. Our hope is that each child will learn self-discipline through careful guidance. Your child will always be treated with love and respect. If children are treated with respect, they, in turn, learn to respect the teachers and their friends.

Our expectations will be kept within the child’s capabilities and the child will be made aware of these expectations. Positive reinforcement (commenting on children doing the “right” thing) and positive redirection (removing the child and giving them an appropriate activity) will be used. A child may be asked to sit for a short period of time to give the child a chance to regain control if they are having a difficult time. Staff will not impose punishments for failure to eat, sleep or toileting accidents.

This discipline policy applies to all staff and to parents while they are at the preschool. No child will ever be left unsupervised. If a situation arises where a child is consistently endangering himself, peers or staff, it may become necessary to disenroll the child. Every attempt will be made to work together with the parents and the child to correct the behavior. However, the safety of children is always our primary concern. The administrator would be in communication with the parents prior to this occurring. If the child demonstrates behavior that requires frequent “extra attention” from the staff member, we may choose to develop and implement a behavior management plan. This plan would be developed in consultation with the parents.

The following is a list of child guidance practices prohibited by Bloom Learning Centre

  • The corporal punishment of a child;
  • Physical restraint of the child, such as confining the child to a high chair, car seat, stroller or other device for the purposes of discipline or in lieu of supervision, unless the physical restraint is for the purpose of preventing a child from hurting himself, herself or someone else, and is used only as a last resort and only until the risk of injury is no longer imminent;
  • Locking the exits of the child care centre for the purpose of confining the child, or confining the child in an area or room without adult supervision, unless such confinement occurs during an emergency and is required as part of the licensee’s emergency management policies and procedures;
  • Use of harsh or degrading measures or threats or use of derogatory language directed at or used in the presence of a child that would humiliate, shame or frighten the child or undermine his or her self-respect, dignity or self-worth;
  • Depriving the child of basic needs including food, drink, shelter, sleep, toilet use, clothing or bedding;
  • Inflicting any bodily harm on children including making children eat or drink against their will

Contravention of Bloom Learning Centre Program Statement or Implementation Policy Will End Up In:

  • Discussion with the supervisor;  
  • A verbal warning;  
  • A written warning that will be retained in the employee file;  
  • Suspension without pay pending on investigation; and/or  
  • Termination of Employment. 

In accordance with Bloom Learning Centre’s Positive Child Guidance Practices, it is the responsibility of every person working or volunteering, including a person who performs professional or official duties with respect to children, to immediately report to the Centre administrator any infractions or noncompliance to this policy. It is the responsibility of every person working or volunteering, including a person who performs professional or official duties with respect to children, to immediately report to the Department of Children and Family Services any knowledge of or suspicion of abuse or neglect of children.  

Failure to report to your administrator may result in immediate termination of your employment or volunteer placement within the Centre. Child’s safety must take precedence over all other concerns.  

In the event that a staff, student, or volunteer suspects infraction on this policy, a write up will be completed as soon as possible in the individual’s handwriting, using pen only. Document only the facts - do not include how you are feeling about the incident, or personal thought about what might have happened.  

  • Include the name(s) of the individuals, and Centre administrator.  
  • Do not make a rough copy and then rewrite in good - the original recording of the facts is your documentation. If you make a mistake, do not use white out - cross out and initial any errors, and then, continue on.  
  • Sign and date the form and get the person you reported to also sign and date they have received it.  
  • This is to be done every time a staff/student/volunteer has reason to suspect that policy infractions or non-compliance has occurred.  

An emergency is any unforeseen and urgent situation in which an immediate response and action is required to ensure the safety of all individuals in the child care Centre. Bloom Learning Centre will take steps needed to ensure the safety of all children, employees and any other person present during an emergency by following this policy as well as procedures outlined in other relevant documents (i.e. fire plan). In an emergency situation staff must make every effort to ensure that all children are accounted for and supervised at all times.  

Bloom Learning Centre has a telephone service as a means of obtaining emergency assistance. These telephones are used to communicate with each classroom, the office, parents and in case of an emergency, emergency services will be contacted. In the case of an emergency, staff are permitted to have their cell phones on them to aid in communication with parents and ensure that all parents of children onsite have been contacted. An up-to-date emergency contact list is available with the numbers to all emergency personnel including police, fire and ambulance as well as the nearest poison control Centre, and a taxi service. 

We all have the right to be safe and feel safe in our school community. Bloom Learning Centre’s Code of Conduct sets clear standards of behavior that apply to all individuals involved in our Centre community including parents or guardians, volunteers, teachers, and/or board members.    

These standards apply whether they are on Bloom Learning Centre property or at Centre-sponsored events and activities.  

All members of the Bloom Learning Centre community are to be treated with respect and dignity regardless of race, creed, sexual orientation, disability or any other ground.  

All adult members have the responsibility to act as models of good behavior.  Foul language (swearing, name-calling, shouting, etc.) is not appropriate. Individuals engaging in such behavior will be asked to leave the premises immediately.  

Behavior that interferes with or is disruptive of the daily operations of the Centre or harassing, intimidating or of an abusive nature of any kind towards a child, student, parent, staff or educator will result in immediate intervention up to and including the family’s expulsion from the Centre and/or police intervention. This type of behaviour includes but is not limited to harassment or intimidation by written note, email, words, gestures and/or body language.    

No weapons are allowed on Centre property or at Centre functions. Alcohol and illicit drugs are not allowed on Centre property or at Centre sponsored events. The consequences for failure to comply will include but is not limited to the family’s expulsion from the Centre.  

The privacy and confidentiality of our parents, guardians, teachers, volunteers and students is important to us.  All concerns and comments should be addressed with the teachers. Should this discussion not address your concerns, the next step is to review the situation with the Supervisor.      

Gossip and public criticism are unacceptable. There should be no discussion of concerns with other parents in the Centre hallways, the parking lot or via electronic mediums such as Facebook, Instagram, personal blog sites or other forms of electronic information sharing.  

School cubbies are to be used solely for the purpose of communicating between parents and Centre staff. They are not to be used for business promotion.  

At the time of enrolment, Bloom Learning Centre will collect personal information such telephone numbers and emails with the intention of communicating with parents about upcoming events, centers news or important reminders. Additionally, telephone numbers will be used for emergency contact use.

Every child’s birthday is special and is celebrated at the Centre. Due to many food allergies and restrictions, we ask that you speak to the Centre administrator prior to bringing any food to the Centre.  Any food brought into the Centre without knowledge of the teachers or supervisor will be discarded immediately. For safety concerns and hazards any toys or loot bags that are brought into centers need to be approved by the administrator prior to entering the center.

Bloom Learning Centre is a smoke free facility, including the playgrounds whether the children are present or not. Smoking will not be permitted on Bloom Learning Centre or within 15 feet of the main entrance. 

Each Centre has designated parking at its location. Please ensure that children are closely monitored at all times while in the parking lots to ensure their safety. Bloom Learning Centre asks all parents to park in the marked parking spots. 

Bloom Learning Centre has adequate lighting at the entrance, exits, parking area and drop off/pick up area, as needed during extended hours and overnight care 

As part of our daily programing children are involved in several adventures throughout the day. We love to share these moments with our parents, as they are essential building blocks for our children’s growth. For us to share these moments with you, by signing this form you are consenting Bloom Learning Centre teachers to take pictures of your child with other children in the picture and giving permission to send it home. Giving permission that your child may be in a picture that goes home with another child and giving consent for your child’s photos to appear on our displays, classroom blogs, website, social media, classroom documentation or learning portfolios.  

All information about your child and family members provided to Bloom Learning Centre staff is kept confidential. Information collected is the minimum needed to serve the purpose of the service provided and the right of every child and family’s privacy is recognized to the greatest extent possible.

If you have a change of address or telephone number, it is essential that we have that information in your child’s file. All emergency information must be kept up to date, including your work or school number, numbers of emergency contact people and who may or may not pick up your child from the Centre. Please remember to keep us informed of any changes to any of this information so that you can be easily reached if necessary. If your child is involved in a custody dispute you need to inform the Centre in writing and provide any documents requested. 

Parents must provide updated immunization records before starting with Bloom Learning Centre and once enrolled records must be updated within a reasonable timeframe. All records must be from a medical officer of health. Any immunizations that are not updated to Bloom Learning Centre may cause termination of care. 

We are a peanut free/nut free facility and Bloom Learning Centre will be strictly adhering to this policy at all times.  

For Infants, parents are to provide formula and/or breast milk and any specialty items. Once a child begins to eat solid food, the Centre will provide blended, pureed, chopped or solid foods, and milk.  

Many children suffer from allergies and parents are asked to inform us if your child has any allergies upon discovery.  

No foods are allowed to be brought into the Centre at any time unless arrangements have been made with the Centre Administrator. All ingredients must accompany the product in writing. The Administrator will approve the item once determining the food source and ensuring the product is peanut/nut free. Parents must be cautious of allergens when bringing food to the center.  

Children who bring food from home in the morning or who keep food in their bags must remove these items before entering the Centre unless approved by administrator and a Bloom Learning Centre label will be applied to identify the food if it is enclosed in the original packaging with the ingredients listed. The Centre does daily checks of all the children’s bags and discards all items regardless if the product is opened or closed. This strict policy will prevent any children from accidentally consuming any food products that they may be allergic to. Safety is the utmost importance at all times. We ask that all families adhere to this policy.  

Each child under one year old is fed in accordance with written instructions from a parent of the child. Bottles will not be given to infants while they are lying down. Children under one year should be held at a 45-degree angle or greater when feeding and an adult should always hold the bottle until the child is able to do so independently, and bottles should never be propped against something or left in a child’s mouth when they are falling asleep or asleep.  

All Center Staff, students and volunteers will review the food and nutrition policy before the start of their employment/placement/volunteer position. 

Bloom Learning Centre will ensure that the indoor temperature will be maintained at a level of at least 76 degrees Fahrenheit. All thermostats are adjustable as needed throughout the year. 

Bloom Learning Centre completes a health check daily of all children upon arrival to the Centre to identify any possible contagious symptoms and a documented record. In the case of a failed health check due to a bruise, cut or scrape, etc. staff must ask parents what happened and document it. Additionally, staff should encourage parents to share any information regarding their child’s restless night, lack of appetite, or other atypical behavior. This information is also recorded in the health check. Staff members will not admit children showing signs of illness upon arrival at the Centre and when children are not able to participate in daily activities. The staff member will inform the Centre supervisor immediately of any children who are asked not to be admitted.  

Children who develop an illness while at the Centre are to have an Illness Report filled out for them documenting the symptoms, temperatures and times taken as well as parent follow up documentation. The child is then to be separated from other children to avoid the spread of illness.  

If a child develops a serious illness and appears to require immediate medical attention or the child’s parent cannot take the child immediately, arrangements will be made to have the child examined by a legally qualified medical practitioner or registered nurse. For the benefit of all it is ultimately the Administrator's discretion as to whether a child should or should not remain in the Centre.  

All Center Staff, students and volunteers will review the Illness policy before the start of their employment/placement/volunteer position. 

  • Vomiting or diarrhea two (2) or more episodes of diarrhea/vomiting)  
  • Elevated temperatures of 101˚F or 38.5˚C or more (temperature must be taken 3 times 15 min apart to ensure accuracy)  
  • Unusual irritability, fussiness and restlessness and unable to participate in the daily program. Flushing, pallor or listlessness  
  • Difficult or rapid breathing - this is especially important in infants under six months old  
  • Severe coughing  
  • An acute cold, nasal discharge or coughing  
  • Undiagnosed skin rashes or infections  
  • Sore throat or trouble swallowing  
  • Grey or white stools  
  • Headache and stiff neck  
  • Red eyes or ears with noticeable yellow or green discharge 

Please refer to guidelines for common communicable disease chart or refer to reportable diseases chart for further information from your applicable regional health authority.  

The child’s parent or guardian will be notified immediately and asked to pick the child up from the Centre as soon as possible. Supervisor or designee MUST approve prior to calling parents for pick up.  

An Illness report is to be completed and signed by parents and staff. Reports are emailed to parents and available to be printed when requested by parents.  

If the parent or guardian notifies the staff that he/she will be a certain length time before coming to pick up the child, staff are required to make the child feel comfortable in a quiet separate place within the classroom by offering food, water, a cot to sleep/rest, a teddy bear etc. Staff will do their best to separate the child due to illness as waiting for child’s parents to take them home.  

The child will be asked to stay home for the period of communicability until they have been symptoms free for 24 hours (this is the time frame when a person with an infectious disease is contagious or capable of spreading the disease to others).  

Supervisor or designee may at any time require a doctor’s note for a child to return to the Centre.  

Should the supervisor suspect something contagious, a doctor’s note or an increased symptoms free time period may be implemented.  

**Note: At the supervisor or supervisor designates discretion, we may seek medical attention, in which case the parent must arrange to meet us at local hospital immediately.

Children who are enrolled at Bloom Learning Centre must be fully immunized or on a modified immunization schedule.

  • Bloom Learning Centre provides children with a clean and healthy environment. However, we realize that children become ill from time to time. If this is your child’s first preschool experience, it is possible that they may experience more frequent illnesses.
  • At all times there will be a staff member present who has completed training in the recognition and prevention of communicable diseases.
  • The following precautions shall be taken for children suspected of having a communicable disease.
  • The Preschool will immediately notify the parent of the child’s condition when a child has been observed with signs or symptoms of illness.
  • A child with any of the following signs or symptoms shall be immediately isolated and discharged to the parent or person designated by the parent.
    • Diarrhea (three or more abnormally loose stools within a 24-hour period)
    • Severe coughing, causing a child to become red or blue in the face or to make a whooping sound.
    • Difficult or rapid breathing
    • Yellowish skin or eyes
    • Redness of the eye or eyelid, pus discharge, matted eyelashes, burning, itching or eye pain
    • Temperature of 100 degrees taken by the axillary (armpit) method with a digital thermometer
    • Untreated infected skin patches
    • Unusually dark urine and/or gray or white stool
    • Stiff neck with an elevated temperature
    • Evidence of lice, scabies or other parasitic infestation
    • Unusual spots or rashes
    • Sore throat or difficulty in swallowing
    • Vomiting more than one time or when accompanied by any other sign or symptom of illness
  • A child isolated due to suspected communicable disease shall be:
    • Cared for in a room or portion of a room not to be used for other types of care
    • Within sight and hearing of an adult at all times. No child will ever be left alone or unsupervised.
    • Made comfortable and provided with a cot.
    • Discharged to parent, or person designated by the parent as soon as possible

In the event that a communicable disease is confirmed, a notice will be posted outside the door of the classroom to notify families of the illness.

In the event of a community outbreak of communicable disease, children without up-to-date immunizations may be excluded from the program until danger of contagion has passed.

This policy will be available to all parents of children enrolled in the preschool.

*During the 2020-21 school year, any child exhibiting possible COVID-19 symptoms will be isolated and parents contacted immediately. 

Intake of Medication: parents who intend for their child to have any medication must first bring it to the office for intake. Medication must come in its original container/package. Upon intake, the parent will be asked to fill out Medication Authorization Form in full and sign it. This form will then be signed by the supervisor as well as the classroom staff. This form will explain the details of the medication including the name of the medication, the dosage to be given, the time(s) to be administered and/or a description of when it is to be given. If medication is used on an “as needed basis” the instructions on the Medication Authorization Form must clearly indicate which symptoms must be present in order to administer medication. This form MUST be filled out prior to the administration of ANY medication. Failure to provide the office with the required form will result in the medication not being administered. No staff can administer medication without the Medication Authorization Form being filled out and signed. Once Medication Authorization Form is complete, the medication will be placed in a zip lock bag and a Bloom Learning Centre Medication Label detailing all information will be attached.  

When filling out a label for Medication if there is no day for the expiry and we only have the month and year the last day of the month will be marked. This would apply for sunscreen, cream, food and medication.  

Over the Counter Medication: Will only be permitted to stay on Bloom Learning Centre premises for five (5) days upon which it will be sent home, unless otherwise approved by administrator’s discretion.  

Prescription Medication: Will be permitted to stay on Bloom Learning Centre premises for the duration of the prescription as outlined on the pharmacist label.  

Mild and moderate allergy medication: (such as Benadryl being needed for a child with mild, moderate allergy) Will be permitted to stay on Bloom Learning Centre premises as long as needed.  

Emergency Medication: Children who require emergency medication due to a severe allergy will be posted in our list of children with an Individual Allergy Plan (IAP). Medication for severe (anaphylactic) allergies, puffers for asthma and Tylenol and Advil for febrile seizures are considered emergency medication.  

Storage of Medication: will be in accordance to the medication label.

  • Emergency Medication is to be kept with children at all times. During small groupings, if the child is on the playground, emergency medication must be kept in the emergency backpack out of reach of the children. If the child is inside, the emergency medication must be kept in the Emergency Medication bin out of reach of the children.  
  • Non-Emergency Medication is to be kept in accordance to the medication label. Medications must be kept out of reach of children and placed in the Medication Lockbox in the cupboard or in the fridge. 
Medication TypeNumber of days to keep on premisesWhere to store
Over the counter5 daysMedication lockbox in cupboard or fridge
PrescriptionDuration of prescriptionMedication lockbox in cupboard or fridge
Mild/moderate allergy medicationOver 5 daysMedication lockbox in cupboard or fridge
Medication Linked to IMP/ISPOver 5 daysMedication lockbox in cupboard or fridge
Emergency medication (Anaphylactic allergy medication, puffers for asthma and Tylenol or Advil for febrile seizures)Over 5 daysEmergency backpack or Emergency medication bin
  1. Parents are expected to submit all listed application requirements by the child’s start date.
  2. Child’s insurance must cover any unexpected incidents/accidents that could occur at the school and be inclusive of ALL benefits including dental, vision, surgical, in patient and medication etc.
  3. Each child is expected to have a complete change of clothes and underwear.
  4. Each child must bring a small blanket/sleeping bag and pillow every Monday. These items will be returned on Friday to be laundered and brought back the following Monday.
  5. Each child is required to bring a bag or backpack to hold their personal items and school work. Please ensure that all personal items are labeled, including food storage containers, bottles, sip cups and the bag itself.
  6. Parents must send baby formula and milk for those infants & toddlers using these food items. Please label these items.
  7. Parents must send diapers, wipes and creams for children using these items. Please label these items.
  8. Parents are expected to provide the completed school supply list at the beginning of each term (September) or upon child’s start date and then accordingly as requested.
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